Fundación Científica Caja Rural was born in 1995 with the purpose of educating the citizens of Soria, parents, and the different collectives of our society on INTEGRAL HEALTH. Also promoting the integral health among the general public and training the new generations so that they will have full knowledge of the possibilities that a healthy life can have for their future.

During this time, there have been many activities, programmes and publications through which we intended to bring health closer to our society. Our Escuelas de Salud (Health Schools) have traveled thousands of kilometres to bring health education to every corner of our province. Soria Cardioprotegida (Soria Cardioprotected) provides coverage to the entire capital in the event of cardiac emergency. The promotion of a healthy lifestyle has placed Soria on the international map of Emblematic Communities of the Mediterranean Diet, and our Soria Saludable magazine is already a world benchmark in preventive medicine...

Through the FCCR, Soria gives health and does it with initiatives that reinvent themselves over time and with constantly renewed illusions. Down below we share some of these initiatives that show what we do at the FCCR.


“Soria Saludable” Short Story Competition

Participation in the XI Mediterranean Diet Congress

III International Photography Competition: Mediterranean Diet

Organiser of the “Precise nutrition in the 21st century” course - Santa Catalina Summer Courses


I International Academic Congress of the Emblematic Communities of the Mediterranean Diet

II International Photography Competition: Mediterranean Diet


Competitions: video, photography and articles in means of communication about the Mediterranean diet

Los comuneros de la dieta mediterránea (“The co-proprietors of the Mediterranean diet”) —academic read— is published

The memoire of the 20th century is published


The FCCR is the official representative of the Emblematic Communities at UNESCO. Education, Culture and Sports Ministry

The FCCR attends the MAPAMA's National Commission on Agriculture in Madrid

The FCCR launches the Escuela de Alcaldes de Castilla y León (School for Mayors of Castile and Leon) for built-up-areas with less than 5.000 inhabitants. Inaugural conference in Valladolid


Camaretas: launch of school songs about the Mediterranean diet

Inauguration of streets with names relating to the Mediterranean diet in Golmayo and Camaretas

School garden at Camaretas

Camaretas: “The healthy sentence” competition


Recognition of Camaretas as the first town of the Mediterranean diet and culture


Mediterranean diet international forum

Dynamic terracotta mural about the Mediterranean diet

Truffle week

Mycological week

Music as an alternative to idleness (students)

Homage to the Sorian farmers. Plaque in the patio of Casa del Agricultor

The Mediterranean diet is designated Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. UNESCO. Monolith in Plaza del Olivo

Walk through the shelters of Valonsadero: cave paintings

Walk to Garray-Numancia base of the Mediterranean diet


A verb for every day and all to conjugate


Mediterranean cuisine workshop in school centres

Cena de autor de la Dieta Mediterránea: a dinner according to a menu created specifically for the occasion by the host

Mediterranean calendar

How to save a live in 4 minutes!

Skincare workshop: How can I take care of my own skin?

Presentation of the “DIME” computer game


First aid course for family groups

School meetings about health


Mediterranean diet and culture seminars at Alfonso VIII Hotel

Cena de autor de la Dieta Mediterránea: a dinner according to a menu created specifically for the occasion by the host

Retirement preparation courses


Healthy cuisine course led by Millán Maroto

Silver plaque in recognition to the “master of the masters” to Mr. Millán Maroto, for his work on making Soria healthy through food culture and gastronomy

Healthful school concert

Provincial health survey


Avelino Hernández: Jamón, historias, vino, cantares y salud mental (“Ham, stories, wine, songs and mental health”). In cooperation with Jaime Lafuente (singer-songwriter)

Mecenas Cultural Saludable Awards: “Fundación Duques de Soria” classical, traditional and modern music concert (awarded)


RBroadcasting of Soria Saludable in RNE’s “Así es la vida” with Nieves Herrero

III family tennis tournament

Healthful school concert: “La música alternativa al ocio” (music as an alternative to idleness) winners 1997-1999


Healthful school concert: “La música alternativa al ocio” (music as an alternative to idleness). Award: a trip to Vienna

Human chain for the integration of the disabled

II family tennis tournament

Interprofessional Health Conferences

Storytelling session with Ignacio Sanz

Musical scents in the Sorian literature

Book raffle among the attendees to Soria Saludable


Sport music concert

Healthful school concert: “La música alternativa al ocio” (music as an alternative to idleness)

Urban race for sports integration: “Soy testigo de la integración” (I witness integration)

Karakoram Project: 8.000 meters. Sports medical examination.

Road Safety and Sport: educational sessions

I family tennis tournament


Soria’s gastronomic symphony pro Manos Unidas


Healthful school concert

Broadcasting of Soria Saludable in RNE’s “Lo que es la vida” with Julio César Iglesias.

Soria’s gastronomic symphony pro aecc and A. F. Alzheimer


Castilian-Mediterranean dinner in favour of several NGOs