We offer for free the magazine "Soria Salud" in which one can find several articles regarding different aspects of health. Through this publication, Fundación Científica Caja Rural wants to bring preventive medicine closer to us.

Besides the free paper copies distributed in Soria, it is possible to download them in PDF format from the links given below.

Soria Salud 18 | Summer 2017 |

Mediterranean Diet International Conference | Temple of Health | Intergovernmental meeting about the Mediterranean diet in Naples| Torreznos and dietary fibre| The role of borage in vegetarian diets | Cancer in Spain: 2015 report |The FCCR appears in VESTA magazine published in Osaka, Japan | Fundación Científica Caja Rural de Soria’s activities |

Soria Salud 16 |December 2016 |

Publication of the winning stories in the Soria Saludable Short Story Contest |

Soria Salud 14 | Spring - Summer 2016 |

Mobile app: Soria Corazón | 2016 International Year of Pulses (FAO)| Practical advice on fruits and vegetables: preservation, preparation and consumption |

Soria Salud kids-teenagers 4 | Summer 2015 |

Letter to the editor | Field trip to the Valonsadero open-air museum | Oral tradition | First Mediterranean Diet International School Congress in Soria | Letter from the Provincial Directorate of Education | Initial listing of products and attitudes in the Mediterranean Diet | Sport and Health | Menu competition |

Soria Salud 11 | Winter 2015 |

Confraternity of the Mediterranean Diet’s statutes

Soria Salud 10 | November 2014 |

The orchard, our best pharmacy | FAO: Document on family and traditional orchards | | About the Global Alliance for Promoting Fruit and Vegetable Consumption "5 a day” (AIAM5 )| How much food do we consume in our lives?| Antioxidants in garden products | Properties of garden products | Why are they ... Mediterranean diet? | Why do we emphasise on the importance of FIBER being in horticultural products? | Diet-related diseases| International products of the Mediterranean diet | Products of the Mediterranean diet in Soria |

Soria Salud kids 2 | May 2014 |

Our second health magazine specially aimed at kids. Includes activities and small articles that boost health among the kings and queens of the house.

Soria Salud kids 1 | November 2013 |

I haven’t created anything original nor remarkable for the kid’s newsletters. On the contrary, I wanted to go back to the ‘60s and ‘70s, to the century of Gran Pulgarcito and the Spanish magazine TBO, to find something that we are missing nowadays: THE CHILDREN’S EDUCATION AND COEXISTENCE WITH THEIR RELATIVES in front of some kind of reading material. This publication intends that the most immediate relatives support and help the students to answer the questions and to fill in and mark those healthy words from the word search puzzles. It is a newsletter for those boys and girls who come with backpacks that we want them to know how and where they should carry them.

Soria Salud 6 | summer - autumn 2013 |

Integral health temple: based in the Mediterranean diet. | Foods for healthy eyes | The most delicious fruit of each season: full of flavour and vitamins | We must be aware and know... | Breastfeeding |

Soria Salud 4 | winter 2012-2013 |

Soria: Is it healthy? | Medical myths: Should one drink water without being thirsty? | Gout | Hospital emergency services in the 21st century (I) | Teeth are for life (I) |

Soria Salud 2 | spring 2012 |

Ictus in Soria | Soria’s best pharmacy: red cardoon from Ágreda | Mycology and health (I) | Healthy Tips | Health benefits of Ágreda's red cardoon | Allergy | Questions about iron deficiency anaemia | Let's take iodized salt |

Soria Salud 17 | Spring 2017 |

Course about precision nutrition in the 21st century| Preventing obesity and diabetes | Microbiota and health | Nutrition and functional foods in the 21st century| Diet quality indexes: tools to improve| Dietary treatment of obesity | Decalogue of healthy habits | Integral health temple |

Soria Salud 15 | autumn 2016 |

Mobile app: Soria Corazón | 2016 International Year of Pulses (FAO) | Practical advice on fruits and vegetables: preservation, preparation and consumption |

Soria Salud 13 | February 2016 |

Written entirely about the I International School Congress of the Emblematic Communities of the Mediterranean Diet |

Soria Salud 12 | spring - summer 2015 |

Athens - 2015 - Expo Milan | I Mediterranean Diet International School Congress - Soria | New Strategic Plan for health in Soria until 2020 | Cultivate Life! | Visit of Japan’s Government Committee to study the Mediterranean Diet| The other Mediterranean Diets (non-food diets) | Choral singing | Preventive ingredients that regenerate the pantry | Healthy messages and information you should know | Further information |

Soria Salud kids 3 | winter 2014-2015 |

Monographic number that deals with the Mediterranean diet and does it through the story Los Comuneros de la ieta Mediterránea (The co-proprietors of the Mediterranean diet) by Dr. Ruiz Liso.

Soria Salud 9 | otoño 2014 |

Julián Marías. Healthy Sorian of the 20th Century. Homage on the centenary of his birth | What does it mean to eat healthily? | Our children and grandchildren: their (our) problem with fruits and vegetables| You should know that eating out is equivalent to eating more | The importance of "gluten free" in Soria. 900 celiacs | What are the authorised sugar substitute sweeteners? Are they safe? | Use the "ABCDE" rule to detect skin cancer as soon as possible | Do we eat top quality vegetables? |

Soria Salud 8 | Spring 2014 |

Unesco International Meeting for the Promotion and Protection of the Mediterranean Diet | Do the young people in Soria follow healthy habits? | I Mediterranean Diet Photo contest | I Health Education Short Film Competition: Mediterranean Diet | I International Prize Fray T omás de Berlanga | Some healthy considerations we must know | The natural environment |

Soria Salud 7 | autumn-winter 2013 |

Why the Mediterranean Diet? | Fray Tomás de Berlanga Universal Patron of the Mediterranean Diet | Does good to your back | The why section| Decalogue of baby allergies | Sorian doctors with history (1)| |

Soria Salud 5 | spring - summer 2013 |

Food hygiene tips | Health and work | Obesity | The discovery of aspirin | The festivities of San Juan: Risks| Animal-borne diseases: Zoonoses | Food labels do not include potassium content | How to store food? | Ham preservation times | What are dental implants?|

Soria Salud 3 | autumn 2012 |

Ischemic heart disease in Soria. Myocardial infarction | Lactose intolerance | When to call the emergency services (112)? | How to prevent neurodegenerative diseases? | Mycology and health (II) | Galenic pearls | Research Institute for Rare Diseases: What is it and what does it do? |

Soria Salud 1 |

We must know | Adults, housewives and househusbands | ost important interactions between food and medicine | The pharmacy of your kitchen | You should know that... the diabetes |